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Our products are high quality and affordable. Our team is constantly evolving each day which means we are improving at 3D design.
As a Vigored client, you get to make the decisions for customizing what content you prefer in the final product.
Our team has been producing high quality animations for over a year now, and we assure you that your money is in the right hands.
About Us (Cylixir & Vigored)
Vigored, a Minecraft visual graphics website, is run by Cylixir (a motion designer) who designed and created the site. As an opportunity for him, starting a professional store would resolve into a bigger audience. Now, in 2017, Vigored will be able to host up to at least ten designers, which will allow those individuals to start their own stores on "We kept the number small because Vigored is hosting only specific designers," says Josh, owner of the Cylixir channel. "With the help of our audience, we hope Vigored will become successful, to that matter."
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You are always garanteed with a verified and professional designer for your commision(s). If you would like to talk with a past client, click here for the many customer reviews.
  1. One of the most proudest moment of my life was receiving a piece of art created by a great designer. Cylixir’s work is flawless; in addition, I got my intro in a small amount of time. I’d highly recommend buying from him!

    Alike Strike

  2. The first intro I received was one of his worsts. He knew this too so he made me another one for free! I love my new intro, but there was a few orders before me. I recommend that he should close his shop after 2 or 3 orders.


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